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Watch This Space!

Things are really starting to accelerate in our journey towards opening this fall with our first 9th grade class!

We are now able to announce that we plan to be located at 2344 Woodward Ave. We fell in love with this mid-century house and amazing location the minute we saw it. From the front it looks like a beautiful ranch home with ample parking. Here is a view from the back of the building. Just imagine some students enjoying lessons outside or inside with the sliding doors open!

The windows look out onto a fantastic 1 acre lawn edged by forest. And at the bottom of the hill, a feeder for Alum creek! Gardening, water testing, wildlife observation, or maybe sledding! The possibilities are endless.

Not far from the Ohio Dominican exit on 670, we'll be convenient for most Columbus families regardless of which area of town you're are coming from.

Although this building is a residence, it was built to the specifications of former State Representative Otto Beatty jr. to host large social gatherings. It has a spacious open floor plan on both floors with plenty of natural light. Not much work will be needed to transform these into beautiful work spaces for our students.

Not only are the house and property beautiful, but the location is within easy walking distance of Ohio Dominican University, the Alum Creek Trail, CMN Memorial Gardens, the Brentnall Community Center, and the YWCA Family Center. This provides us with ample opportunity for volunteer work and access to extensive educational resources. We can't wait to have you visit!

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