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Our Team

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Founding Teacher Leader

Jenn Jordan She/Her/Autistic

Jenn has been establishing and teaching in Montessori secondary programs since 2003. She has earned credentials in secondary education from Ohio State University, University of Cambridge, American Montessori Association and Association Montessori International. But it all started when her mom enrolled 3-year-old Jenn in a Montessori program at St. Joseph Montessori School here in Columbus, Ohio. Bringing high-quality secondary Montessori education back to her hometown has become her life's obsession.

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Technology Specialist

Asa Jordan They/Them

Asa studied Industrial Design with minors in both Fine Arts and Research at Columbus' own CCAD. With a passion for art and technology, Asa is dedicated to helping students explore how these two fields can be used together to create unique and innovative projects. Asa has outdoor teaching experience teaching art classes to grades 3-12. They also have experience as a Montessori student at Chemung Valley Montessori School.

Our Mission

We provide an ecocentric learning community to support every student’s development with:

  • authentic social connections;

  • engagement through head, heart and hand; and,

  • identity exploration through deep experience.

Our Values

Our school is based around our commitment to the values of the Earth Charter, which calls for:


  •  respect and care for the community of life,

  •  ecological integrity,

  •  social and economic justice, and

  •  democracy, nonviolence and peace.

Through connection to the natural world and project-based service learning, adolescents and adult guides cultivate dispositions which are:

  • reverent in attitude,

  • discerning in perception,

  • compassionate in feeling,

  • visionary in thought,

  • articulate in expression, and

  • purposeful in action.

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