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Welcome to EARTH School

At our high school, we empower students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking

Now accepting applications for 2024! 

What does it take to create a transformative learning environment?

-The Journey-

-The Program-

-The Next Steps-

Learn about the Earth Charter, the values which inspire the Montessori Earth School program. In our blog, delve deeper into the research, experiences and ideas which are the backbone of our quest to bring world changing education to Columbus, Ohio.

Explore the innovative opportunities for Columbus teens to create their own world-changing educational experiences at EARTH School. See our Calendar and Program Overview for more details.

EARTH School is planning to open for 9th and 10th grades in summer 2024. Find out how you can get involved with EARTH School. Students. Parents. Educators. Community members. Anyone with passion to create a forward-looking learning environment is invited to contribute.

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